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Achieve your financial goals with confidence

Wealth Management with Investment Solutions Northland

What is your financial priority?

No matter your age, situation or personal goals, financial wellness is a priority for everyone. At Investment Solutions Northland, we take an integrated approach to wealth management and help New Zealanders with tailored, responsible financial solutions in plain, easy-to-understand language. Whether you’re starting out or have a substantial amount saved already, we can create a solid plan for what comes next.


Are you curious about which KiwiSaver investment strategy is right for you? Let’s get the clarity you need.

Nest Egg

Discover how a managed fund can grow your nest egg smarter and start with as little as $100 a month.


With investments to complement NZ Super, you’re much more likely to have the lifestyle you deserve.

Why Investment Solutions Northland?

Work with Northland’s leading financial adviser

Being engaged and equipped with knowledge around your investments brings peace of mind and confidence. Working closely with you on your financial journey, Bill Raynel from Investment Solutions Northland is here to help you develop a robust financial plan and an effective investment portfolio that’s built on a detailed understanding of your unique and personal spending or savings needs, lifestyle, and financial aspirations.

How Can We Help?

Solutions for our clients

Wealth Building Strategies

If financial freedom is your goal, talk to Bill about a wealth accumulation strategy and long-term investment planning.

Australian Super Transfers

The right advice about transferring your retirement savings between Australia and NZ when you move from one country to the other.

UK Pension Transfers

Let’s take the complexities out of transferring your UK pension to NZ and make the process easy, efficient and hassle-free.

How Can We Help?

Working closely with you to build a path that helps you get to where you want to be.