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MPS Investment Platform Launched

nz funds managed portfolio serviceA new investment platform, the Managed Portfolio Service has launched. We understood that the investment offerings in the market were simply not suited to the needs-based advice process we had developed. MPS is a unique investment offering designed to integrate seamlessly with the needs-based advice process we had developed and now follow. The structure of the MPS platform is underpinned by a set of principles, again reflecting what our clients have told us is important to them:

  • It should maximise the reliability of meeting clients’ income or cashflow objectives.
  • It should offer a range of well researched investments from specialist investment managers, in a tax-efficient, cost-effective and administratively simple manner.
  • It should be transparent and conceptually simple to understand, giving clients a clear and comprehensive view of their portfolios and how those portfolios will meet their needs.
  • It should be flexible so that it meets individual clients’ needs, preferences and attitudes towards risk.
  • It should provide our clients with ready access to their money when it is required to meet their spending needs.
  • It should have an emphasis on protecting our clients’ capital with consistent, competitive returns.

Each investment manager which contributes to the platform is carefully researched and selected from a range of complementary New Zealand, Australian and global investment managers. They are chosen for their expertise to manage a particular component of the portfolios.

Free investment review serviceFREE Investment Review

Do you want a no-obligation, second opinion on your investment portfolio? Take advantage of our portfolio review service! We will waive our Authorised Financial Advisers’ consultation fee but we won’t waive our up-front and honest approach if it is necessary.  Please contact us on 0800 66 66 78 or to arrange an appointment.

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